Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hellenic Civilization

On May 23rd 2007, The Hellenic Civilization Region declared their decision to consider themselves as an off-spring of 01 Eastern Roman Empire Region and some of our natives colonized the new Region.

The Factbook of the new Region says:

"The Region glorifies the Hellenic Civilization from Mythological years of Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, the Argonauts, Achilles and Ulysses towards Spartan, Athenian,Macedonian, Byzantine and Modern Hellenic Era of 1821, 1912 and 1940. The Region for Nation States framework is an off-spring of 01 Eastern Roman Empire. "

From 01 Eastern Roman Empire moved there The Empire of Hellenic Miracle, The Kingdom of 12 Gods, The Kingdom of Vergina Sun, The Republic of Achilles The Greek, The Community of Deep Space Ulysses.

We wish "Good luck" to the new Region and to our old members !! Live long and prosper !!

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