Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Our population exceeded the 40 billion people !!

The population in 01 Eastern Roman Empire Region exceeded today the 40 billion people (40,306,000,000), shared among its 87 members nations states.

The 10 nations of Largest Population in our Region are:

The Kingdom of Sigmadom 2,676,000,000 people

The Most Serene Republic of Erison 2,586,000,000 people

The Centralised Hobos of Dantopian Dantopia 2,202,000,000 people

The Dominion of Ancient Sekhmet 2,200,000,000 people

The Catholic Kingdom of Flordia Republic 1,323,000,000 people

The Republic of Detropolis 1,031,000,000 people

The The Nomadic Gipsy Nomads of Vijayangar 1,008,000,000 people

The Republic of Paganland17 990,000,000 people

The Dictatorship of Evil Joker 902,000,000 people

The Empire of Hellenic Miracle 820,000,000 people

Glory to our Empire and its glorious members !!

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