Monday, March 10, 2008

Elections results in 01 ERE

As the time for candidacies for the various governmental positions in 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance is over, I am now in position to announce the following results of our elections (as in many positions we had only one or no candidates):

- Prime Minister (Consul) / UN Delegate in 01 ERE: Comnemnus (01 ERE)

Our UN Delegate continues his duties for another 6 months.

- Minister of Inetrior Affairs (Aedile): No candidacies - I will carry on these duties till we find a proper member nation willing to do the job in the coming future.

- Minister of Recruitment (Tribune): Exarchate of Carthage (Empire of Rome)

- Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Three Planets (01 ERE)

Active role in the Forum is essential to carry out his role.

- Speaker of the Senate: The Narnian Council (The Council of Narnia)

- Speaker of the Concilium Plebis: Sireness (Greek Islands)

- Magistrates Extraordinarii: Julius Caesar Jr (Greece), Emperor Romanus (01 ERE)

An empty position is still remaining here to be covered in the future.

- Treasurer and Off Topic Mayor: These postions are cancelled.

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