Friday, April 18, 2008

The Council of Narnia leaves 01 ERE Alliance

The Council of Narnia Region decided today to leave from 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance ...

The Majestic Era of The Narnian Council

Received: 3 hours ago

Greetings ~

I'm contacting you on a grave business. The Council of Narnia held its leadership summit today, and many controversial topics were discussed, with solid conclusions being drawn as of today. As part of the many reforms we are making, CoN has decided to abdicate from the 01 ERE Alliance. If I must, I will elaborate on the reasons, but please be aware that in no way will our region be altering its course, despite how you may respond. Many of our members disagree with what has been happening in 01 ERE, and are frustrated that its quite inactive, and doesn't put emphasis on the WA. Especially since we gained a powerful enemy on the basis of being part of an alliance that isn't doing alot for CoN, as it stands anyway. So from now on, we Narnians declare ourselves neutral to those of 01 ERE. We have no wish to join with TLK, especially since they've become quite hostile towards us, but will establish our own independent connections. However, this does not mean that we are unwilling to resume open communication with those of 01 ERE. We have just simply handed over our official membership. You may withdraw your embassy in our region, close off our forum access and remove me and my officials from 01 ERE Government.

I sincerely apologise to you for this inconvenience.

Respectfully yours,

~ The Lord Chancellor

The rest Regions wish to them "Live long and prosper" ...

We will be here if you need us ...

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