Sunday, April 6, 2008

Welcome sonicn_n_knuckles

We welcome The Dominion of sonicn_n_knuckles (, as the 220th member nation state in 01 Eastern Roman Empire Region.

The Dominion of sonicn_n_knuckles is a tiny, socially progressive nation, notable for its devotion to social welfare. Its compassionate population of 6 million enjoy extensive civil rights and enjoy a level of social equality free from the usual accompanying government corruption.
The large, liberal government devotes most of its attentions to Social Welfare, with areas such as Law & Order and Religion & Spirituality receiving almost no funds by comparison. The average income tax rate is 24%, but much higher for the wealthy. A very small private sector is dominated by the Cheese Exports industry.
Crime is relatively low. Sonicn_n_knuckles's national animal is the hedgehog and its currency is the gold ring.

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