Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Recent news from the Alliance and around NS

During the last two weeks many interesting events took place in 01 ERE Alliance and in NS as a whole. Among them we need to mention here the following:

a. The death of Bromannikha, King of The Last Kingdom, that our Alliance was in a war. The sad event followed by our 'pause" in the war, while our enemies mourn their lost leader. Even though impolite provocations have not been stopped by TLK Minister of Foreign Affairs and his puppets, who tries to solve his personal problems through a continuous bipolar behaviour.

b. Transfer of 01 Eastern Roman Empire Region nations to 01 ERE Alliance Headquarters Region continues normally and smoothly and 246 nations have been already made the new region their home. During the next few days we expect the rest of the remaining nations in the old region to relocate as well.

c. Western Roman Empire continues and deepens the discussions and the negotiation with our Allies of Glorious Praetorian Empire and the Praetorian Empire to join 01 ERE Alliance and to create simultaneously an Alliance with these two regions inside the whole Alliance (like Eurozone in European Union).

d. New Allied Regions and new Colonies have been added in our Alliance during the last days. Among these Allies Balkan Peninsula, MACEDONIA and Western Thrace, while among the new Colonies ADN, Achaemenid Empire and Podgorica complete the Alliance map.

e. The first 10 nations from all over 01 ERE Alliance that lead the Alliance Nations Championship game after 160 days are:

1. Lonskarvia 960 (01 ERE Alliance HQ)

2. Imperium Romaniae 820 (Empire of the Romans)

3. Bujidao 590 (Hellenic Civilization)

4. - 5. Berengere Sauniere 430 (Empire of the Romans)
Corfu Island 430 (Greek Islands)

6. Higemaru 270 (Greece)

7. Sebastos 250 (Empire of the Romans)

8. The Three Planets 230 (01 ERE Alliance HQ)

9. Hellenic Miracle 200 (Hellenic Civilization)

10. Naj Hannah 190 (Empire of the Romans)

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