Saturday, August 23, 2008

Byzantine Glory - Princess Carmesina Marriage

As it was announced by our ERE Alliance Ambassador Thedoricus in Tripoli Message Board, I asked Princess Carmesina, Ruler of Tripoli and Edessa Regions to get married with me.

Ambassador Theodoricus Announcement:

"August 22nd, 2008

Greetings to Tripoli Ruler Princess Carmesina by Our Alliance Imperator Alexander of Byzantine Glory Empire !!

Esteemed Princess,
I have been authorized by Our Imperator, to offer You this treasury along with the Colony of Beirut to Your Dominion.
Our Imperator also - and independently the above offerings from Your decision - asks You to accept yourself the title of Empress of Byzantine Glory and Eastern Roman Empire marrying His Excellency.
He will impatiently wait for Your decision on this proposal ...
Praying God to continue to offer You His grace,

Your servant Ambassador Theodoricus "

Princess Carmesina's reply:

"My good lord, yes I am.
I am flattered by your offer to become your betrothed. I see no harm if we conduct ourselves with decency and respect. My nation Byzantine Princess would graciously accept the title of Empress."

As the reply was positive the date of the marriage and other details will be announced soon ...

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