Sunday, December 20, 2009

3 Years Eastern Roman Empire Anniversary Celebration

Let's all of us celebrate the 3 years Anniversary of Eastern Roman Empire !!

It was all started 3 years ago (Last week of 2006) and during these years we managed to establish our Region and Alliance of Eastern Roman Empire as the most influential coalition of Hellenic, Roman and Byzantine reference in Nationstates.

Eastern Roman Empire flourished to grow to 300 nations members (while the Alliance many times overexceeded the 1000 nations members), having a Facebook Group presence with 51 members (among them the famous world championists in chess Garry Kasparov and Susan Polgar, a blogspot site, a chat forum etc.

Alliance comprises of many famous Regions like Eastern Roman Empire, Hellenic Civilization, Greek Islands, Athens, Greece, Glorious Praetorian Empire, Empire of the Romans, Empire of Rome, Solar System, Balkan Peninsula, Environment, Western Roman Empire, Konstantinoupolis etc. etc.

A big thank to all its members during the years, WA nations or puppets, roleplayers or game players, forum admins and all NS world in general, all who interacted with us positively or not and offered us this great experience.

Special thanks to Comnemnus, Lonskarvia, Athanasius Ilius, The Three Planets, The State of Denial, Brettonia Enforcers, Basileus Romaion, Princess Carmesina, Alexandros o Megas.

A big thank also to Max Barry for offering us this wonderful, startegic game and his original book of Jennifer Government.

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