Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Proposal for a Treaty

I got today by Ambassador, The Catholic Kingdom of Flordia Republic (a member in 01 ERE, representing The Holy Roman Federation and Emperor Servant of God) the following two telegrams:
1. "Your Grace,
I come to you with this message to begin the proposition of a treaty between our two Empires.
Of course each section and part of the treaty is to be debated, and the Senate (HRF) must ratify it; but we are very interested.
Flordia Republic"
and after asking more clarifications the following one:
2. "Your Grace,
Our two regions are great; we hold such similarities even though one emphasizes Roman Catholicism, while the other Eastern Orthodox.
We both believe that we have the duty to lead and be an example to others (our democratic values, our moral justice, and our emphases on peace as a method of unity); I believe that our two regions need a treaty which we may understand the following points:
1. Travel between the 01 Eastern Roman Empire and her states, colonies, and territories; and the Holy Roman Federation and her states, colonies, and territories; are hereby granted free. 2. War against each other region/Federation shall be made illegal, including against his or her colonies, states, and territories. 3. There shall be a four member commission that shall be called whenever arises a problem. It shall have the power to investigate violations of this treaty and by majority declare an outcome.
This treaty of course cannot be enforced, however, is built upon honor. The commissions decisions (two from our Federation and two from yours) should be enforced by you and myself; and all other us. Not through force but by pressure.
What are your thoughts, ideas, measures, etc.?
Flordia Republic"
I am in principle positive in such a Treaty between our two regions.
My only concerns are:
1. Not to bring any conflict with our participation in ADN:DSA2. Some talkings, here and there, by the Federation about potential future invasions in other regions, recent "conquering successes" etc. that oppose to our basic rule as a Defending Region for other regions and not as an aggressor ...
If these two points would be clarified thenno objection from my side ...
What is the opinion of the rest of our members?

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