Tuesday, January 29, 2008

DSA Ending Titles

As of today we announce our dis-engagement from Defenders Security Alliance for 01 ERE Alliance ... DSA decided to cease operations as well ... From now on 01 ERE Alliance will plot its own independent path in NS history with dignity and honor as always till today ...

It follows DSA "ending titles" message:

"*Suddenly, a Voice from far off is heard.*Ladies and Gentlemen,For those that still see this and are on.My time has ended as you all I'm sure have noticed. I have been off the site for a month now. My time has ended and as such it appers that the DSA has as well. I believe that everyone that is still on this site, should merge, join, etc. the FRA. With an inactive Council, the ruling of this Alliance falls to the Director and the Cabinet. Therefore, as my last order as the DSA:ADN Director I state the following:As muc as it hurts me to do this; a person that has been with this Alliance sense 2003, 4 years of working with some of the finest people in NS History. I am closing the DSA:ADN Alliance, disbanning it. There is no longer a need for such an organization to be alive nor is it wanted. For those who care I thank you. For those that are on the History site, I'll be working on that from time to time until it is finished; anyone that wishes to help you are more than welcome. So from the longest standing member of the ADN, to you all, I say goodbye. -'With Strenght and Honor'=ADN Motto Sense 2003.--------------------Emperor Lucius Julius CaesarFounder of The Roman Raven Empire. (The RRE)DSA:ADN Director (26 April, 2007)CR BoD (Sept, 2005)IA BoD (Oct, 2003)AIA Senior Agent)ADN BartenderFormer ADN Speaker of the HouseFormerADN Councilmen"Kill with Courage, Die with Honor."

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