Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Greece joins 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance

New member in 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance:

Greece and 01 ERE Alliance finding many common interests and cultural, historical and amicable links between their governmental bodies and nations decide that it is for mutual benefit the following:

1. Greece joins 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance as of today, February 5th, 2008. Greece reserves its absolute sovereignity as a Region, having its own individual government and keeping active its own Chat Forum in parallel with that of the Alliance.

2. Greece appoints a Senator in the Alliance Government while nations of Greece are fully eligible to apply for any governmental position inside the Alliance during the forthcoming elections in end of February 2008.

3. 01 ERE Alliance and Greece will defend its other with all their forces upon a potential invasion by a foreign enemy; as Greece is a Founderless region its involvement in foreign missions will be limited and under the supervision and guidance of its UN Delegate or its Senator in the Alliance.

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