Sunday, July 27, 2008

Persians invade but their defeat is exemplary

Persian Empire invaded the confederated Regions of Antioch Edessa and Tripoli electing their own WA Delegates after the death of the regional founders of the above regions.

Antioch and Princess Carmesina asked the intervention of Eastern Roman Empire army to liberate again the regions.

Alliance Army easily liberated the Regions of Edessa and Tripoli and expelled the Persians invaders, putting back in her throne Princess Carmesina and having new WA Delegates to be elected.

Additionally Eastern Roman Empire Alliance conquered the Persians capital cities of Babylon, Susa, Pasargadae, Eqbatana and put them under its colonized Region of Achaemenid Empire for having the Persians to remember their past, their present and their future in relation with Eastern Roman Empire Alliance.

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